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Avon Campaign 12 2018 What's New for Representatives

Avon Campaign 12 2018 What's New for Representatives

Avon What's New for Representatives to order demos, samples, sales tools and filled with information that helps you to get ready for the upcoming sales campaign.  You must order your Demos from this issue with your Campaign 10 or 11 sales orders. (Campaign 10 is due no later than Noon May 1, 2018 and Campaign 11 is due no later than NOON on May 15, 2018)

Be ready when Campaign 12 2018 goes live nationally on representative eStores on May 15, 2018.

Avon Representatives can place their campaign 12 sales order at any time during the two week sales period starting on May 16, 2018 and must place an order by NOON on May 29, 2018.  If you're not yet a representative and interested in becoming a Beauty Boss, there are links at the bottom of this post that will help you get started.  Not sure that you want to sell?  That's ok too, you can become a personal shopper, get discounts and shop from the What's New.

Bugs have met their match!

That's right Beauty Bosses, it's Bug Guard stock-up season!

Be sure to take advantage of the 40% off stock up opportunity and special sale bundles that are available in the Campaign 12 What's New.  Have Bug Guard on-hand for instant sales to your local customers.  Click images below to see details.

In the Avon Campaign 12 Brochure we will also introduce a new fragrance to the Far Away family.  Far Away Soleil

Be sure to pick up this demo and share with your customers that are already fans of Far Away!  Far Away Soleil  is a citrus/floral fragrance.  Share on social media with the hashtags #BrilliantlyAvon #AvonRep and #FarAwaySoleil

As you may know, every four campaign Avon introduces a new capsule fashion and home decor collection.  This is new for 2018 and in Campaign 12 the collection takes on a 'Palm Chic' look.

How many outfits will you demo?  And the GORGEOUS JEWELRY! 

Give your home and garden a tropical look!  When you have friends and family over, they will be sure to ask where you got it.  Great way to start the conversation and introduce your love for Avon.

Next there's a great ANEW skin care stock up opportunity.  Get some of your favorite at 40% off.

Again, this is a great way to have some customer favorite on-hand for local instant delivery!

Father's Day is June 17, 2018 and in Campaign 12 the 'Soap-on-a-Rope' returns in favorite scents like Wild Country, Black Suede and Mesmerize.

You have the opportunity to stock-up on some his favorite fragrances at 40% off.

The Palm Chic: Get the Look ABOX is sure to be a hit and will help you to boost sales.  

WOW!  I think I want everything in the Campaign 12 What's New for Representatives.  Better get busy earning...

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