Friday, April 13, 2018


Welcome to the team!

I've created this 'blogger' as a way to serve team members that may not be 'socially' engaged.

Not part of the team yet?  That's ok.  You can learn about all the fun we're having.  Ready to join the team?  Go to Become an Avon Rep Now.

Since this is a new 'site' it will be evolving to suit the needs of the team and followers.  Your feedback is always appreciated.  I do ask that all comments be positive and encouraging.  This is a 'good vibe' only zone!

More to come soon!

Thanks for your partnership.

Barb Barry
Avon ISR - Sales & Leadership Representative

If you are on 'social' follow on FB @WellnessBeautyWithBarb or FB @LIBeautyBoss

You can also check out The Beauty In You Blog.

See you soon.